Bangka Belitung consists of two main islands, Bangka Island and Belitung Island, as well as several smaller islands around them. It is an ideal destination for travelers looking for natural charm and exotic beaches. One of the main attractions in Bangka Belitung is its beautiful beaches. Tanjung Tinggi Beach on Belitung Island and Parai Beach on Bangka Island are known for their soft white sand, large granite rocks, and clear sea water. Bangka Belitung also has a paradise for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts. Beautiful coral reefs and diverse marine life can be found in its waters. Islands like Lengkuas Island in Belitung are popular destinations for diving.

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    Bangka Belitung is a province in Indonesia located in the eastern part of Sumatra. The province consists of two main islands, Bangka Island and Belitung Island, as well as several smaller islands around them. 

    One of the main attractions of Bangka Belitung is its spectacular natural beauty. The province has beautiful white sandy beaches, clear sea water, and large granite rocks scattered on several beaches. Belitung Island is famous for its famous beaches, such as Tanjung Tinggi Beach and Lengkuas Beach, which offer breathtaking views.

    In Bangka Belitung, there are also many small islands scattered in the South China Sea, creating a diverse selection of tourist destinations on different islands, each with its own natural charm.

    In Bangka Belitung we can enjoy fresh seafood and delicious local food typical of Bangka Belitung, such as grilled fish, keripik belinjau (chips from belinjau tubers), and various traditional Malay dishes.

    Bangka Belitung is an ideal place for recreation, nature exploration, and relaxation on beautiful beaches. Its stunning natural beauty and the charm of the small islands make it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Indonesia.

    Bangka Belitung is a province in Indonesia that consists of two main islands, Bangka and Belitung, as well as surrounding smaller islands. The province is famous for its stunning natural beauty, white sandy beaches, and water activities. Some of the experiences that can be enjoyed when visiting Bangka Belitung include:

  • Exploring the Beaches
  • Snorkeling and Diving
  • Visiting Small Islands
  • Visiting Belitung Island
  • Tasting Typical Food
  • Visiting Museums
  • Taking an Island Tour
  • Playing Golf
  • Observing Fishing
  • Visiting the Lighthouse

    The Bangka Belitung experience is perfect for nature lovers and water activity enthusiasts. Its stunning natural beauty, alluring beaches and diverse marine life make it a popular tourist destination in Indonesia.

    Throughout the year, temperatures in Bangka Belitung usually vary from 24°C to 34°C. Bangka Belitung has a tropical climate with two main seasons, namely: 

    1. Rainy Season (October-March):

    During the rainy season, the weather in Bangka Belitung tends to be more humid and rain is more frequent. The air temperature ranges from 24°C to 32°C, with higher rainfall.

    2. Dry Season (April-September):

    The dry season is characterized by sunnier weather, lack of rain, and hotter temperatures. Temperatures can reach around 27°C to 34°C.

    Bangka Belitung is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, here there are various accommodation options that suit your budget. among others:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Villas and Bungalows
  • Guesthouses and Homestays 
  • Accommodation on small islands.

    Transportation in Bangka Belitung, as in many parts of Indonesia, can include a variety of options, depending on your destination and preferences. Here are some of the modes of transportation available in Bangka Belitung province:

  • Airplane
  • Ferry and Boat
  • Cars and Motorcycles
  • Ojek and Public Transportation
  • Taxi
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Private Vehicles

    The culture in Bangka Belitung reflects the mix of different ethnicities and cultures living in the province. Bangka Belitung consists of Bangka Island and Belitung Island as well as surrounding small islands, and its culture is rich in Malay, Chinese, and local elements, such as:

  • Bangka Belitung has a variety of traditional arts and crafts. Traditional dances and music are often part of traditional ceremonies or cultural celebrations. Some popular traditional arts are zapin dance and dragon boat dance in Chinese culture.
  • The people of Bangka Belitung have various traditional ceremonies that are passed down from generation to generation. These ceremonies can involve marriage, death and religious celebrations. The traditional Malay wedding ceremony of Bangka and Belitung is one of the most famous.
  • Culinary is an important part of the culture in Bangka Belitung. Typical dishes include grilled fish, Belitung noodles and other fresh seafood. Chinese specialties such as bakmi (noodles) and bakpao are also very popular.
  • Most residents of Bangka Belitung have a strong dependence on fishing activities. Fishing traditions such as catching fish, fishing and processing seafood are an important part of the culture in this province.


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