Bandung is geographically surrounded by mountains, suggesting that in the past the city was indeed a lake. The legend of Sangkuriang is a legend that tells how the Bandung lake was formed, and how Tangkuban Perahu Mountain was formed, and how the Bandung lake dried up, leaving the basin as it is today. According to the legend, the water of Bandung Lake is dry because it flows through a cave called Sanghyang Tikoro. Kota Kembang is another name for this city, because in ancient times this city was considered very beautiful with many trees and flowers growing there. In addition, Bandung used to be called Parijs van Java because of its beauty. In addition, Bandung is also known as a shopping city, with malls and factory outlets that are widely spread in this city, and now gradually the city of Bandung is also a city of culinary tourism. And in 2007, a consortium of several international NGOs made Bandung a pilot project for the most creative city in East Asia. Currently, Bandung is one of the main destinations for tourism and education.

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    Bandung is a city located in West Java Province, Indonesia and the capital of West Java Province. Bandung has a rich history and culture, as well as a variety of interesting natural, cultural and culinary attractions. 7summits Travel provides several tour package options that can be used as recommendations for vacation destinations in Bandung. Starting from nature, history, culinary, team building, rafting, offroad and shopping tours with family, friends, couples, colleagues, etc. The tour packages that 7summits Travel offers also vary from Pangalengan Rafting, Lembang Team Building, Lembang Offroad, Bandung City Tour and many others.

    Bandung is a city rich in interesting and diverse experiences. Some of the experiences that can be enjoyed when visiting Bandung:

  • Enjoying the Natural Scenery
  • Shopping at Factory Outlets
  • Enjoying Bandung's Typical Culinary
  • Visiting Art and Cultural Centers
  • Strolling on Braga Street
  • Visiting Modern Shopping Centers
  • Traveling through History
  • Visiting Bandung Zoo
  • Going on an Outdoor Adventure
  • Attending Cultural Events and Festivals

    Throughout the year, temperatures in Bandung usually vary from 18°C to 29°C and rarely below 16°C or above 32°C. Bandung has a tropical climate with two main seasons namely: 

    1. Rainy Season (November-March):

  • Average temperature: around 22-25 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is high, with frequent showers, especially in December and January. The weather tends to be cooler and cloudy.

    2. Dry Season (April-October):

  • Average temperature: around 24-28 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is lower compared to the wet season. The weather is sunnier with more sun.

    Various kinds of hotels and lodging options are available very varied in the city of Bandung, starting from Guest Houses, Homestays, 1-5 Star Hotels. We don't need to worry about finding accommodation in this flower city, presented easily and given access that is not difficult.

    In Bandung there are various types of accommodation that can be chosen according to the budget and preferences of tourists, such as:

  • Hotels: ranging from luxurious five-star hotels to more affordable budget hotels
  • Villas
  • Guesthouse
  • Homestay
  • Hostels
  • Apartments
  • Resort
  • Losmen
  • Camping

    Bandung has a variety of convenient transportation options around the city. There are many modes of transportation to choose from such as:

  • Public Transportation (Angkot)
  • Online Ojek
  • Taxi
  • City Public Transportation (Trans Metro Bandung)
  • Train
  • Car/Motorcycle Rental
  • Bicycle
  • Bandros (Bandung Tour on Bus)
  • Becak
  • Delman
  • Bus
  • Shuttle

    Bandung is a city that combines cultural traditions with modern developments, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere for visitors. Culture in Bandung can be encountered in many forms, including art, culinary, fashion, and other cultural activities that enrich the experience of tourists and locals alike. Bandung, the capital of West Java Province in Indonesia, has a diverse and rich culture. Here are some cultural aspects that characterize Bandung:

    1. Arts and Arts:

  • Jaipongan Dance: Jaipongan is a dynamic and exotic traditional dance from Bandung. The dance is often accompanied by music and traditional instruments such as angklung.
  • Wayang Golek: Wayang golek is a traditional performing art that uses wooden puppets to tell epic stories.

    2. Culinary:

    Bandung is famous for its specialty foods, such as snacks like batagor (fried tofu meatballs), siomay, and seblak.

    It is also famous for signature dishes such as nasi timbel (rice wrapped in banana leaves), soto Bandung, and mie kocok.

    3. Fashion and Design:

    Bandung is often referred to as the "Creative City" due to the abundance of fashion designers, crafters and artists in the city. Streets like Jalan Braga are the fashion and art center of Bandung.

    There are many shops selling creative products and unique local fashion in Bandung.

    4. Sundanese Culture:

    Sundanese is the main ethnic group in West Java, including Bandung. Sundanese culture has a distinctive language, dance, music and rituals.

    Arts such as angklung and degung are an important part of Sundanese culture.

    5. Tourism:

    Bandung is also a popular tourism destination in Indonesia. Some of the famous tourist attractions include Kawah Putih, Situ Patenggang, and Farm House Lembang.

    There are also many shopping centers, such as Paris Van Java Mall, that attract visitors with a variety of products and culinary delights.


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