China is a rich country in cultural heritage, long history, and stunning natural scenery, such as the Great Wall of China which is one of the famous icons of China, the Forbidden City, Shanghai City known as the financial and cultural center, Guilin City with stunning natural scenery and many others.

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Tian Men Square - Forbiden City - Hutong Tour + Becak Ride - Juyongguan Great Wall - Shichahai Pub Street - Summer Palace - Xiushui Street - Five Avenues - Italian Cultural Street - Yandaixie Old Street

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China, secara resmi dikenal sebagai Republik Rakyat Tiongkok, adalah negara terbesar di dunia berdasarkan populasi dan memiliki sejarah dan budaya yang sangat kaya. Terletak di Asia Timur, China memiliki pengaruh besar dalam sejarah, politik, ekonomi, dan budaya global.

China memiliki sejarah panjang yang mencakup ribuan tahun, dengan peradaban tertulis yang sangat tua. Dinasti-dinasti kuno seperti Dinasti Qin, Han, Tang, dan Ming memiliki peran penting dalam membentuk budaya dan politik di negara ini. China dikenal sebagai tempat lahir berbagai penemuan dan inovasi, seperti bubuk mesiu, kertas, kompas, dan pencetakan.

Bahasa Mandarin, atau Bahasa Tionghoa, adalah bahasa resmi dan paling umum digunakan di China. Bahasa ini ditulis dalam karakter Tionghoa, yang memiliki arti simbolik dan sejarah yang dalam. Karakter Tionghoa juga digunakan dalam tulisan di berbagai bagian Asia Timur.

Every year 7summits Travel always prepares China tour packages and invites tourists to visit other hits in China such as the Great Wall of China, the Great Wall of China, Shanghai, Hangzhou and others.

China is a vast country with different types of climates as it has a variety of different geographical areas, such as mountains, plateaus, and coastal areas. Because of this, the weather in China varies depending on the location and the season. However, in general, here is an overview of the weather in some of the main seasons in some areas of China:

Spring (March - May): In most parts of China, spring is a pleasant time with temperatures starting to warm up and flowers blooming. However, some parts in the north can still be quite cold.

Summer (June - August): Summer can be very hot and humid in most areas, especially in low-lying areas like Shanghai and Beijing. Temperatures can reach 30°C or higher, and rainfall can also occur.

Autumn (September - November): Fall is one of the best times to visit China. Temperatures are usually comfortable, with leaves turning reddish and golden colors. It is a popular time to see beautiful sights such as the Great Wall of China.

Winter (December - February): Winter can be very cold in some northern parts of China, especially in mountainous and northern areas. Some areas even have snow. In the south, temperatures are still relatively warm.

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China has a variety of accommodation options for travelers, ranging from luxury hotels to simple inns. Here are some types of accommodation that can be found in China:

Hotels: China has a number of high quality international star hotels in various major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai. Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Some of the famous hotels in China include Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and others.

Traditional Inns: Try staying at traditional inns such as "Hutong" in Beijing or "Siheyuan" in some other cities. Traditional Chinese houses converted into tourist lodgings

Hostels: An affordable option for backpackers and travelers on a budget

Rental apartments: If you have a longer vacation with family or friends, renting an apartment may be an option. 

Distinctive Lodging: Some lodgings in China are distinctive and offer a unique experience, such as a stay in Suzhou, cave houses in Guilin or forest side in Zhangjiajie.

Budget Lodging: Budget hotels that provide enough facilities for your stay during your trip and are more affordable compared to star hotels. 

Ethnic Lodging: Some regions in China have lodgings that support ethnic culture, such as Miao houses in Guizhou or Tibetan traditional houses in Tibet.

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  • China has an extensive and sophisticated transportation system, allowing for convenient travel throughout the country. Here are some of the transportation options available in China, namely







    Rental Car

    Bike and Scooter Rental

    Highway BRT

    Specialized Transportation: In some cities, you can also find specialized transportation such as:

    rickshaws (push bikes)


    Tourist Train to explore certain areas.

China has an extraordinary artistic and cultural heritage. Fine arts, poetry, literature, calligraphy, and traditional performing arts such as Peking opera and folk dances are all an important part of Chinese culture. Kung fu and tai chi also originated here and illustrate the deep connection between art and sport.

Art and Literature: Painting, Calligraphy, Ceramics, and Performing Arts such as Peking Opera.

Traditional Arts: China has some traditional art forms such as Kungfu, God Dance, Shadow Puppets, and various types of traditional music such as Guzheng (a string instrument).

Food: Chinese cuisine is very diverse with dishes like Dimsum, Hot Pot, and many variations of mei and Rice.

Traditional Dress: Traditional Chinese clothing such as Qipao (cheongsam) and hanfu have unique designs and are often worn on special occasions or festivals.


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